The Girls

Meet the girls of Only Wednesday!

Lauren – Co-founder + Blogger

At an early age I was inspired by the written word and how it influenced everyone around me. Creative writing projects in school would excite me, and I kept a journal for a greater part of my life. Graduating college was a huge transition (still is), and I found myself realizing that there were others out there like me, struggling to get on their own two feet, and start their lives outside of the four walls of the classroom. So why not bring them together to support and inspire each other? I currently live in Connecticut with my boyfriend Nick, and we are saving up to purchase our first home. Now that is some serious “adulting” right? My interest lye in public relations and fashion, and I am hoping to continue my schooling in the near future. I believe eyebrows are the accessories of the face, and you can’t start the day without a cup of coffee.

  • Choice of Coffee: Grande Salted Caramel Mocha, YUM
  • Favorite Make up Product(s): Benefit brow pencil, and Two Faced Born this Way Concealer
  • What’s Always in Your Purse? Burt’s Bees Chap stick, a few sticks of gum, NYX Butter Gloss, lots of loose change, bobby pins, and a pair of back up earrings.
  • Go to Shoes: That changes depending on the season, but I could not live with out my Perf Leather Slip on Vans.
  • Dream Vacation: Back-packing through South East Asia
  • Dream job: Most days I secretly wish I were a pop start.

On a serious note I one-day hope to own my own public relations firm representing boutiques and gyms/health related organizations

Athena– Co-Founder + Blogger

Hey ya’ll! My names Athena and I’m a twenty-something year old gypsy soul that’s passionate about all the good things life has to offer. I’m currently a holistic nutrition student and I’m beyond excited for this journey. Fitness, yoga, healthy eating, traveling, sports and photography are my jams. I’m a lover of all things outdoors and by the water.

I’m a dream chaser. I believe in setting goals and crushing them. Seeing other people’s accomplishments and dreams coming true inspires me to always go after what I want. No dream is ever out of reach as long as you have the motivation to get through the steps to get you there! I’m so excited to start a  (soon-to-be) business that will encourage me to  push past my comfort zone and challenge me everyday.

When I’m not watching after 3 crazy boys (I’m also a nanny), you can find me exploring + adventuring, drinking wine + watching netflix, or hiking around the bay area and just living the freaking dream. Cheers to la vida bohemia

Leanna Olbinksy– Blogger

I live in the beautiful North End neighborhood of Boston. My apartment overlooks the skyline of the city, but inside my bedroom you can be taken away to a Cape Cod oasis,

my favorite summer spot for relaxation. I work full time for a fitness app, Sworkit, and I freelance for the top PR firm in Boston and businesses around the city.

I’m a social media addict/expert. I love meeting people and learning new things. I have a boyfriend and we met at the gym so that tells you two things — I’m not a lesbian and I pretend to workout to meet guys. Just kidding! I love cooking, reading, taking pictures of other peoples dogs and posting them to instagram without permission, anything competitive, and making people’s day. I hope I can make yours.


Erica– Blogger

Hi! I’m Erica and I’m 23, almost 24 from MA. I’m currently attending grad school for Mental Health Counseling and will graduate spring of 2017. Currently, I work at a residential program for kids with developmental delays and severe behavioral issues. I am also an intern working in a residential program with adolescents for my second year internship for the 2016-2017 academic year.

When I’m not at school, work, internship, or doing homework I enjoy spending time with my best friends, family, and dog. I also really enjoy being outside, painting my nails, country music, Pinterest, and reading books. I’m one of the biggest Gilmore Girls addict you’ll ever meet! Netflix and wine are the two loves of my life, and I’m probably the most sarcastic person you’ll meet.