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Healthy Deodorant

We all know how embarrassing sweating can be but how good for our health it is. It’s your body’s way of keeping from overheating. A good friend of mine had been struggling with sweating. For as long as she could remember, she would sweat no matter what. She tried many differentt deodorants and antiperspirants. One… Continue reading Healthy Deodorant


Lets Talk Lipstick

Lipstick, can be worn anywhere, anytime. Feeling sexy? Put on some lipstick. Have a meeting? Put on some lipstick. Its your birthday? Lipstick. Get my point? Lipstick goes with EVERYTHING. Here are some of the lipsticks the It’s Only Wednesday crew are currently rocking.   “My favorite lipstick? This is like choosing my favorite child.… Continue reading Lets Talk Lipstick



I was researching some dead sea masks and came across one called Glam Glow. It had great reviews and when I asked some girlfriends about it, they said they loved it. So I bought it and omg guys! I was in love. It’s probably one of my favorite masks ever! As the mask dries you can actually… Continue reading GlamGlow

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7 Ways to Trick People Into Thinking You Have Your Life Together

We all know that maintaining a busy schedule, and finding time to sleep is impossible. Throw a social life into the mix, and now you’re really stretching yourself thin. You hit the snooze button a meticulous amount of times soaking in every last minute of sleep you can. 4 snoozes later you’re waking up with… Continue reading 7 Ways to Trick People Into Thinking You Have Your Life Together

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a bad day gone good

After work yesterday, I was ready to relax. I got ready for bed and curled up in my oasis, as I call it, with two candles lit. ‘Summer Wish’ below my tv and ‘White Ocean Sands’ on my nightstand. I was half watching The Office and half working on a presentation for my trip to… Continue reading a bad day gone good