cinnamon sugar sweet potatoes

I’m a huge sucker for sweet potatoes! I cannot get enough. I changed up my typical sweet potato recipe and added some cinnamon, there’s no turning back now. SO yummy! I couldn’t stop eating them. Ingredients: 2-3 Sweet Potatoes (chopped to your sizing and skinned) 1 tbsp Coconut Oil 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper 1 tbsp… Continue reading cinnamon sugar sweet potatoes


Time heals

They say that time heals everything. Like when you get your heart broken or you lose a friend, its going to hurt for a little while. But as the days pass, the pain feels lighter and lighter. But what about when time passes and you still feel so hurt? That nothing about what happened even… Continue reading Time heals

little thoughts

When All Hell Breaks Loose

You never really know what you’ve got within you, sitting around watching TV, scrolling through social media, telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow,” when it comes to your goals. You won’t know courage until your life spirals out of control, sending you in a whirlwind of emotions, leaving you to put the pieces back together… Continue reading When All Hell Breaks Loose

on the go

On the Road

I recently went on a road trip from the south bay to the Grand Canyon. It was a looooooong drive, but totally worth it. That’s when I thought about making this post and sharing tips and tricks for the ultimate road trip. FOOD The one thing that people seem to forget on road trips is… Continue reading On the Road


bedtime bliss

Lavender has definitely become essential in my bedtime routine. Whether I use it in my diffuser or add a few drops to my pillow before bed, my sleep has improved tremendously because of the qualities of this essential oil. USES: For a restful nights sleep add a few drops to your pillow, bedding or bottoms… Continue reading bedtime bliss


City Tindering

If you know me well you know that I am not afraid to try anything, especially if it means meeting new people. When Tinder came along I hopped right up on the single train straight to destination Tinderville. I had some really interesting conversations and I usually spotted the creep car from miles away (to… Continue reading City Tindering

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Cacao Coconut Truffles

I have challenged myself to a Beauty Detox and that means saying goodbye to junk food! I love a little sweet treat after dinner and this is a great alternative when you’re feeling a sweet craving. Not only will these truffles satisfy any cravings your having but cacao creates a feeling of love and joy… Continue reading Cacao Coconut Truffles