Lets Talk Lipstick

Lipstick, can be worn anywhere, anytime. Feeling sexy? Put on some lipstick. Have a meeting? Put on some lipstick. Its your birthday? Lipstick. Get my point? Lipstick goes with EVERYTHING. Here are some of the lipsticks the It’s Only Wednesday crew are currently rocking.



“My favorite lipstick? This is like choosing my favorite child. I am newly obsessed with liquid matte lipsticks in various brands. Looking for a great matte finish that is super affordable? Look no further than ColorPop! Although I will say that I am in fact a fan of the Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks, ColourPop comes pretty damn close. Oh and did I mention you can get them on their website for $6.00? Yeah, $6.00. I was skeptical at first, but this brand stays on all day and is a similar formula to the Kylie’s.

Have a little extra in your large-2paycheck this month? When it comes to high end lipstick, I absolutely love Bite Beauty Lipsticks which you can find at Sephora. They have awesome colors that really stay on for a lipstick that isn’t liquid. Not to mention they smell aaaaamazing! Also, as I mentioned I  gotta hand it to Kylie. As much as I am not the biggest fan of her, her cosmetic line
definitely met my expectations. I am pretty sure her Matte Liquid Lipsticks would stay on my lips during a hurricane!”- XO Sarah


“It was love at first pout for my first try with Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick collection. I recently became re-obsessed with former Myspace Celebrity, Jeffree Star, after spiraling down a rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials. I’m particularily devotedly the shade Unicorn Blood. Much like Lord Voldemort, I need Unicorn Blood to survive. It’s an absolutely luscious deep, dark red that brings a dramatic pop and focus to my lips that simultaneously brightens my eyes and makes me feel hella confident.

superthumbI wear it nearly everywhere, from work to the bar. The formula is really consistent from my experience, so no surprises with trying new shades. I’ve made it through long 8-10 hour days of eating, talking, drinking, lip-smacking with no reapplying. If my lips are feeling a little dry, I whip out Maybelline’s Baby Lips (one of the translucent or non pigmented ones) and apply a little moisturizing coat over my JSC lips and wa-la as good as new. Each liquid lip retails online at Jeffrey Star Cosmetics for $18.00 and for the quality formula and long-lasting effect, it is well worth the price.” -XO Tayler


“If you have sensitive skin like I do, you know how hard it can be to find a lipstick that doesn’t cause an itchy scaly feeling on your lips. Because of this I have always been a Burt’s Bee chapstick kind of girl, until I purchased my first lipstick, from NYX. It was their Full Throttle Lipstick in the shade Trickster (Violet Mauve). I was feeling adventurous and purple just felt right. Plus the lipstick was only $7.00! The lipstick itself was not drying at all, and felt light on my lips. The best part was I didn’t have an allergic reaction. Once I realized there were lipsticks out there I could wear, I purchased more, and more. If I could  I would sit here and list every single lipstick I own, but we would be here literally all day.

large-1Everyday, I wear NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Eclair. The Butter Gloss is not sticky  like some lip glosses, and last for hours though my morning coffee. I am also currently obsessed with my Estes Lauder Pure Color  Lipstick in the shade Sugar Honey Shimmer. This lipstick is a little on the pricier side, however its worth it. I love wearing this out at night, its light weight, and can last through dinner with out smearing off my lips. I especially love wearing this color after I have been at the beach all day, it really compliments my tan. If there is one product I can’t live with out its my Two Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer. They have two lip primers Demi-Matte, and Glossy. I love using them specifically because they take away the feather/ cracked look you sometimes get when you apply a darker lipstick or lip gloss. If you haven’t tried lipstick…. you should.”- XO Lauren


maybelline-lipstick-color-sensational-pink-wink-041554198300-o“I’m guilty of loving lipstick and owning a few but I’ll use the same one every time I apply. This past weekend I had a lunch with my family for my grandmothers birthday and I wanted to throw on a fall color to add to my simple look. Since I currently can’t find my favorite, I reached for another shade that I had previously been using a lot- Bit of Berry  by Maybelline. It was the perfect addition for my “fall” look,  a pinky-red that matched perfectly with my black and white flannel. Usually I’m not a daytime lipstick kind of girl, but this color dressed up my look with minimal effort, which is what I love in a lipstick. You can find this color at almost any drug or beauty store, and I highly recommend the color. My lips didn’t dry out which was great for all day wear!” XO Erica


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