I was researching some dead sea masks and came across one called Glam Glow. It had great reviews and when I asked some girlfriends about it, they said they loved it. So I bought it and omg guys! I was in love. It’s probably one of my favorite masks ever! As the mask dries you can actually see it clearing things out your pores. It’s crazy. My skin felt so great after using you. Another huge plus? no Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates, which are all harmful for your skin.

There are three types of masks. SUPERMUD which is the one I used, YOUTHMUD, and THIRSTYMUD.

SUPERMUD: If you have problems with acne, this is the perfect one for you.It is designed for combination, normal, and oily skin. It has added ingredients that can help fight acne and keep your skin looking clear.


YOUTHMUD: This is good for oily, combination, normal, and dry skin. It works as a natural moisturizer leaving your skin looking young and radiant.While providing tighter skin texture and tighter pores, it provides a more youthful appearance and absorbs impurities without removing natural oils.


THIRSTYMUD: This is good for oily, combination, normal, and dry skin. This is a non-drying hydration mask to deliver instant, extreme moisture. It moisturizes, restores, replenishes, and calms the skin. i-018472-glam-glow-thirstymud-50g-2-940

There are a few other masks by GlamGlow but these seem to be the most popular. Have you guys tried Glam Glow yet? If so, let me know what you think or if I missed one that you love, let me know in the comments below!

Athena xoxo


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