le tote is TOTES awesome

I have a lot of different styles. One day I want to be super girly and preppy, but the next day I want to be more of a hood princess. Besides workoblog3-1-2.JPGut clothes, I am pretty much all over the place with outfits. I have a lot of clothes but I never know what to wear. Does this sound like you? I think it is pretty common. I also used to have a serious shopping addiction. I would shop just to buy things, but with a small closet in the city and a large chunk of my paycheck going towards my student loans, I knew it wasn’t a habit I could keep and not even one I wanted to have in the first place! I think I related shopping with my grandma and grandma = happiness. Now shopping = less money + less space = not happy. I became better about shopping when I decided I wanted to work from the moment I woke up till the minute I went to bed but I still had that itch to shop.

Like finding a boyfriend, when I found Le Tote I wasn’t really searching. It just happened, and it was love at first site. I read a little about the service and thought, no way… too good to be true. Someone pinch me. Is this a dream? Is this rl? Okay it wasn’t that dramatic but it was pretty great. I signed up and it’s all been great since.

Here are the top 6 reasons I love Le Tote and think it is worth the money. I am in no way sponsored or have any partnership with the service so this is all real opinions.


Why Le Tote is TOTES awesome

  1. The Freedom: You can keep your Le Tote for as long as you want and return it as quickly as you want.
  2. The Speed: As soon as you drop off your free returnable bag to the post office you get an email within 24 hours to pick your next Le Tote. You’ll get a text and it’s super easy to pick your Le Tote right on your phone!
  3. The Options: The designers pick out an outfit for you including two shirts or a dress and 2 accessories. If you don’t like something you can swap it out for something you do like
  4. The Customization: You can look through clothing or collections on the website and pick out what you like by hearting it just like on Pinterest. Those items will be most likely chosen for your Le Tote.
  5. The Quality: All the clothing I have received is fresh and beautiful. Great material and real name brands. Seriously amazing.
  6. The Organization: Once you finish your Le Tote you get to submit your rating for each item and if you took a photo in the item, you can submit that as well! All your items are stored on your personal account with the ability to purchase whatever you miss!


Seriously. You should try it! If you try Le Tote use this link to get $25 off!

Wrap dress: Perfect for a night out or a date night in with a bottle of Rose. I also wore this to work with a white tank top underneath to keep my friends from stealing the show.

Simple shirt that worked perfectly in spring for the “I can’t figure out if it is hot or cold out” weather. The necklace was also super simple and cute and came with my Tote!


This Jessica Simpson clutch was so awesome! There were so many pockets inside and the color was a perfect pop for an all white outfit and went perfect with this J Crew necklace. AHH.blog3-4.JPG

These. Shorts. Oh my gosh. This is why I love LeTote. You can’t find a pattern like this just anywhere and if you do, they will end up costing you an arm, a leg, and a delayed school loan payment. These shorts are actually from Philosophy, a store I avoid going in because everything is so cute but out of budget, but since I was able to wear these for a week and decided I couldn’t go another summer without them, I kept them. Not to mention all clothes bought on LeTote are discounted!




Leanna Olbinsky xoxo

Find out more about Leanna on our bio page here !




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