packing for the perfect weekend


Escaping the city is sometimes the best way to clear your mind and make time slow down. Even if you live in a small town, maybe you need a weekend getaway to the big city. Point-being, stepping outside of your own environment is a great way to have a “reset” when the weeks seem to blend together. Kind of like in The Holiday (if you haven’t seen it you need to). Contact a friend that lives around and I am sure they would be happy to have you! I know my roommates and I love to have our friends visit us!


This summer I have been very fortunate to spend weekends on the cape with my boyfriend, Eric, and his family. There little cottage in Harwich is close by the beach and in a cute neighborhood that he and I love to jog around (there are sheep at the end of the road. I love sheep). In the mornings we wake up and have coffee together in the sunroom while reading the newspaper. Then we each make our own breakfast and get ready for the day. We head to the beach and play bocce or sometimes read and nap. We’ll head back around 2 and usually all together we start to cook while having a cocktail after we each finish our outdoor showers.blog2-3-2.JPG

After dinner we play a game, usually Jenga or Apples to Apples, and share lots of laughs. After a game we head back into the sunroom which is now lit by the moon. We watch the family cat named Max as he lays peacefully on his bench. If it is raining it is especially calming in the sun room. We just listen to the rain as it   hits the windows. It is truly enchanting in the Leone cape home. Packing for short weekend trips has become very fun for me. I love to see how little I can pack to make the most outfits. I can’t always say I pack light, but I do try! My best tip for packing for a weekend trip: Center what you pack around one accessory, theme, or color scheme


Here are some of my favorite packing combos:


Weekend in a Blue Wonderland 


  1. Old Navy: Both necklaces and dark blue tank top
  2. American Eagle: Bathing suit, bralette, and tan tank top
  3. Urban Outfitters: Shorts and flower romper
  4. TJ Maxx: bathing suit cover up, Reebok athletic tights
  5. Loft: White Shorts
  6. Express: Color block dress
  7. Journal and the anchor bracelet are both gifts
  8. Tank top from New Balance — I love their workout clothes more than any others!

4th of July Weekend


  1. Loft: striped shorts, white shorts, white tank top
  2. Old Navy: Blue necklace, grey tank top, and blue bracelet
  3. Express: blue shorts and red tank top
  4. PacSun: bralette
  5. American Eagle: Bathing suit
  6. Necklace is from LeTote (I received so many compliments on it this weekend I ended up keeping it!)
  7. Hair tie from Forever 21
  8. Rock N’ Roll shirt from my visit to Nashville


Pretty in Pinkblog2-6.JPG

  1. Urban Outfitters: Teal Romper
  2. H&M: Pink pants, tank top
  3. Loft: Necklace, white tank top, and white shorts
  4. TJ Maxx: Pink ruffle shirt, pink comfy top, gift bag
  5. LeTote: Jessica Simpson Pineapple Clutch (so many pockets, I loved this item!)
  6. Pink tote: I won at a Boston Lady Project event! Yay!


A Short Assortment

  1. H&M: speckled dress, green ribbed bodycon dress
  2. American Eagle: Bralette and tan tank top
  3. Urban Outfitters: Texas tank ($5 find! They do exist!)
  4. The shorts are from AF and the leggings are Lulu, a gift from a friend! Sports bra from TJ’s



Enjoy your week beauty’s!

Leanna Olbinksy xoxo

Check more about Leanna on our bio page here !


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