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a bad day gone good

After work yesterday, I was ready to relax. I got ready for bed and curled up in my oasis, as I call it, with two candles lit. ‘Summer Wish’ below my tv and ‘White Ocean Sands’ on my nightstand. I was half watching The Office and half working on a presentation for mBlog Post 1-1.jpgy trip to NYC that I will be pitching tomorrow. I looked at the time around midnight and decided I was exhausted. I closed my laptop without the final slide done and decided it’d have to wait till tomorrow.

I woke up at 6:30 and without even getting out of bed, I opened my laptop and began working. At around 7:30, when I had moved on to a new project, my sweet, handsome boyfriend texted me about our upcoming trip that we booked on his JetBlue Card, charged him for a flight we had to change (but I swear we did it immediately, it couldn’t have even registered yet). So at first I thought it must’ve been a mistake so I called JetBlue. Annette explained that if we had cancelled our flight instead of changing it, it wouldn’t have charged us, but gave us credit. Anyway turns outit wasn’t for the full credit. I called back and Mary was making me a little upset. She was calculating the costs instead of explaining what they were for. Eventually she hung up on me. It was just an absolute MESS. At this point it was almost 9 and I needed to get ready and get a coffee. Plus I had a meeting at 9:30 call with my boss.

It just wasn’t a good morning. No matter how I woke up, it was inevitable that I was going to be paying $360 more dollars for a flight that only should’ve cost us $350. That is not a cheap weekend, especially when the hotel is $516 as well.  I had just gotten my savings to an amount I was proud of and now its back down again. Anyway, once I got over my money misfortunes…


I had a productive day. Meetings went great, I had an amazing lunch at Beneventos, the restaurant I used to work at for three years, and I absolutely loved my outfit. I had on a wrap dress that I chose in my LeTote order, and my absolute favorite heals from INC. I felt like a princess, a poor one, but still…Blog Post 1-4.JPG

When I got home from work I was so hungry. I went into my room to put my things away and I noticed that my crab wine cork matched my heals. It really made my day. I was like, “Wow, this is so cute!” So I took a photo. I was so happy! I started the day with an emergency venti green tea chai with two shots of espresso and ending the day just happy to have little things that make me smile. You can have the day start off bad, good, boring, slow but you make it how you want. Add some sarcasm, fun, sass, and appreciation to your day and it won’t be so bad after all. Blog Post 1-2.JPG


Sending lots of love,

Leanna Olbinsky xoxo

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